Hostile Habiformers Arrive!

After four long years, Core Stratagem gets another update!

Hostile Habiformers

The Hostile Habiformers have arrived!
Bringing the faction count up to a whopping EIGHT, the Hostile Habiformers descent from orbit! They left an alien star long ago, robotic guardians for the sleeping colonists aboard their century ship. The life support system failed, however, and when the starship arrived, there were no colonists left to take possession of the planet... but nobody told the automated systems.

This is a weird unit set! Only their basic Probe can capture cities. Their transports are fast, but can only move one unit at a time. Most of their air force consists of very slow, stealthed flying artillery and bombs. Their sea units require refueling. BUT their structures build in almost no time and have very high Strength.

The slow-moving, stealthy air units give this faction an insidious, creeping feel as they crawl across the map, unseen. They could surround your army and you wouldn't know it until laser fire rained from the sky. But in spite of all this army's power, they cannot capture cities without Probes, which are weak combatants. Once they capture a city, however, they can encrust it in a shell of strong defenses almost instantly.

This update includes some very minor tweaks to existing factions as well--the Interplanetary Invaders' Gas Crawler is now truly Amphibious, and gets 2 Moves when at sea. Some animation glitches for Alternate Army units are fixed. Unfortunately, the source code for this game is long-lost, and so there can be no code fixes for bugs now or at any time in the future, but these fixes were able to be made purely in the unit data.

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Jan 22, 2019

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