Bugfix Update 1.166

A small update to fix a couple rare but nasty bugs and add some small tweaks:

  • Removed the mapping of the "C" key to spawning the "superpredator" -- an abandoned feature from ancient times that crashes the game
  • Capped the growth bonus from ideal temperature -- if the math rounded out wrong, critters could grow to massive size and immediately die, leaving a gigantic corpse
  • Default setting for brain mutation rate lowered from 10% to 3.5%
  • Default setting for Phenotypical Speciation changed to "Off"
  • Nuts no longer derive their energy content from the fruit nutrition setting


NeuraQuarium for MacOS 81 MB
Apr 10, 2023
NeuraQuarium for Windows 71 MB
Apr 10, 2023
NeuraQuarium for Linux 85 MB
Apr 10, 2023

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