Version 1.17 Update

This Quality-of-Life focused update includes the following changes:

  • NeuraQuarium now includes some pre-sets for both Critters and Saved Games, allowing you to hit the ground running and see some interesting species and environments right off the bat! Just peek in the "Presets" folder for each respective file type.
  • An option to "purge" the taxonomy tree history, helpful if you're running a very long simulation and getting bogged down with historical data
  • An "auto" setting for fast-forward speed, which will aim for the fastest possible speed that maintains a good framerate. Good for running a sim overnight or in the background, when you want to get maximum value out of time. (Keep in mind attempting to run the sim at 10x speed when your system can't handle the load of the current population or view can actually result in slower simulation than even 1x!)
  • Tweaks to the Gulping and Draining jaw types
  • A new mutation possibility for synapses moves the destination to a different neuron


NeuraQuarium for MacOS 83 MB
May 19, 2023
NeuraQuarium for Windows 74 MB
May 19, 2023
NeuraQuarium for Linux 88 MB
May 19, 2023

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