Update 1.199 - Edible Bugs and bugfixes

Version 1.199 introduces a new food source - waterbugs that provide meat-based protein and have a chance to spawn whenever fruit does. A new slider setting allows you to turn them off or adjust their rarity. Bugs move in short bursts, and slowly consume fruits they come in contact with. They can be devoured by Critters with Biting jaw types.

Along with the introduction of edible weeds in the last update, the goal here is to provide more niches and more "fallback" food sources, so that populations are less sensitive to sudden changes in the environment and, hopefully, more lineages can coexist.

Additional changes in this update:

  • Adjusted effect of gestation stat on maturation speed
  • The Protein Bonus setting slider moved from Environment to Critter tab
  • Fixed bug with gradual settings transitions causing heat tolerance to be set incorrectly
  • Weeds and nuts' sizes and positions are preserved correctly on save/load
  • The heat output of weeds scales correctly as they grow or shrink
  • Fixed bug which caused critters to shrink for a frame when clicked


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Sep 03, 2023
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Sep 03, 2023
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Sep 03, 2023
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Sep 03, 2023

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