1.0.3 Update: Infrastructure

A small update with some requested tweaks and features, including some code infrastructure to pave the way for more in the future.


  • New rendering method for the Neural Network Graph removes the stuttering effect when it's moving quickly on the screen
  • The aforementioned graph now comes with some spiffy labels laying out broad areas of the critter's "brain" -- things like "visual cortex" and "social behavior."
  • New toggle buttons under the main Menu panel for sound and music
    • Your settings for these options are automatically saved when you quit and loaded next time you start up.
    • This is meant to be the base foundation for more extensive options in the future
  • More comprehensive logging (using Unity's default debug logger for now.)
    • All critters have a unique ID number. This is persistent between saves (critters from saves without this feature will be given a new number on load.)
    • Births and deaths (including parentage and perpetrators of violence) are logged and timestamped.
    • Within your user's UrocyonGames/NeuraQuarium directory, find "Player.log" and "Player-prev.log". 
    • I know only having logs of the last two times you ran the game is not sufficient for the real dataminers. This is just a start using the default logging within Unity before working on something more robust.

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Thank you! Looking forward to playing this when I get back home and I'm not using a 32-bit only netbook...