Small but impactful update

A small update with a couple big effects today.

Fix: Critter colors were mutating into ranges beyond the maximum. This didn't technically break anything, but it meant that you'd often end up seeing completely white populations, since the R,G,B values were something crazy like 2.4, 1.2, 3.5 (where each color channel should be in the range of 0 to 1.) You should now see more color variety, and critters should not be blinded by each others' intense coloration.

Tweak: The Culling algorithm which keeps your population under the max ceiling was originally based on Generation, since there was no mechanism for saving or loading Critters from other times, other simulations, etc. Now that not only these features, but merging entire populations, is supported, this no longer makes sense. The culling algorithm now sorts by health, eliminating the weakest critters regardless of other factors.

Overall metabolism has been juiced up a bit, which means that Critters will live and die a bit more quickly, increasing turnover and the rate of evolution generally.

Finally, Fruits will no longer drift away from Weeds -- instead they will become entangled in the grass like Critters do.

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