Update 1.07 - Back to Basics

The last few updates have been about adding new visualization features, major changes to how evolution works (through things like speciation) and other changes. This time, we have a few QoL changes, minor simulation changes, and a return to tweaking the fundamental values that drive our neural networks. 

  • Sound and Music now have adjustable volume bars. The buttons still toggle on/off, but if toggled on, each setting can also be set to 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100% volume.
  • Critters now get knocked back and briefly stunned when bitten by another critter. (If both critters are trying to bite each other, the loser is determined by a combat roll modified by the critters' strengths.) This is accompanied by a little flash of star particles.
  • Immature critters now have their swimming force modified by their level of maturation. So babies with an incredibly high speed value and teeny tiny mass will no longer rocket across the world.
  • Adjustments made to neuron and neural network stats, namely higher signal decay rates and activation thresholds, mean there will be more neurons in a "neutral" state.
  • The very first layer of neurons is split down the middle -- the first 3 are only connected to internal senses, and the last 3 are exclusively used by visual inputs. This provides a very, very rudimentary "visual cortex" that is exclusively used for processing visual input before it joins the rest of the "brain."
  • Neurons are pickier about which other neurons they connect to. All this adds up to a slightly more simplified neural network (but still more than capable of producing complex and interesting behaviors.)

None of these changes are breaking. As your existing critters mutate, their networks will gradually "drift" into following the new rules.


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Dec 02, 2021
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Dec 02, 2021

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