1.0.9 - The BIG Update

This is a BIG update, with lots going on. Let's dive right in.

    • Slider under New Game button has four settings.
      • Small (Default, existing size)
      • Medium (2.25x volume)
      • Large (4x volume)
      • Huge (9x volume)
    • When merging from different size saves, critters will be relocated proportionally.
    • Maximum zoom level adjusts proportionally to level size
    • Increased maximum fruit spawn limit
    • New button in simulation options for choosing a save file or folder of save files as the source for “low population” spawns
      • Will select a random critter from the population of the source when population is below minimum
      • When trying to spawn from a folder full of saves, will load a random new save every time in the background – since this is time consuming, it will continue to use the last save file as its source until the load is finished.
    • Input: Motion sensitive vision
      • Critters can detect whether the objects in their field of view are moving. The overall level of motion detected stimulates this input neuron in the visual center.
    • Output: Adrenaline Response
      • Trimodal neuron in the “social behavior” section
        • If activated with a positive state, the critter will try to sprint, increasing its speed temporarily
        • If activated with a negative state, the critter will go into a rage, increasing its strength temporarily
        • Both actions cost additional Energy and place the critter into an “Exhausted” state preventing it from activating its adrenaline response again until the cooldown is over.
      • Additional body animations to show these states
    • An additional column of “hidden” neurons available for mapping
  • Tweaks and adjustments
    • Adjusted synapse mutation odds: less likely to lose a synapse, possibility synapse will “flip” its strength between activation and suppression.
    • Fixed a bug affecting “merging” of neural networks during paired reproduction
    • Critters will lose more health when moving around on an empty stomach
    • Mutation scaling based on total offspring will adjust for parental commitment


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Feb 25, 2022
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Feb 25, 2022
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Feb 25, 2022

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