Update 1.1.0 - Meat's Back on the Menu, Boys

This is a smallish update with some big effects (somehow that seems to keep happening!) Here's the rundown:

  • Fixed a bug that caused critters to be born permanently exhausted, or sprinting, or raging
  • There is now a small chance (10% of the normal mutation rate) for a "major mutation" whenever a creature mutates -- this can be a big swing in diet preference, color, size, speed, strength, or parental commitment.
  • Finally addressed the fact that critters could "bite" any critter touching them, even if the victim was only touching their bum.
  • This was important because I also re-visited the amount of nutrition critters gain from eating other critters, as well as the benefits of protein in general (from either critters or nuts)

This is potentially going to require some additional balancing in the future, but I think it's a pretty good start for now. There is a notable bump in the viability of omnivores and even the occasional full carnivore. These had to be carefully tweaked, since at a certain set of values you can end up with an infinite energy loop of eating your own eggs -- not good! As a result, the current strategy is to partially tie the amount of energy in meat to the reproduction cost setting -- the cheaper it is to make babies, the less energy you get from them.

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