Update 1.1.1 - Protein boost, bitesize morsels, bigger pops and smoother zooms

Changes in this update:

  • Foods (fruits, nuts, corpses) will no longer disappear immediately upon touching a Critter's mouth / being bitten.
    • Instead, a bite will be taken out based on the Critter's size.
    • For regular fruit bits, even non-biting Critters will get a nibble, but biting will increase the size of the mouthful.
    • The food item will shrink and the Critter will gain energy proportional to the amount of food it extracted (with the usual adjustments for its diet.)
  • Protein's benefits are longer lasting and a Critter's protein level (from 0-100%) will now be visible in its details.
  • Smoothing applied to zooming in and out
  • Max population upper limit raised to 500

Those first two have some pretty interesting effects that I'll review in a longer post :)

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