Version 1.1.2 - Neuron Tooltips

A quick update this time! New addition: tooltips when hovering the cursor over the neural network graph. Hover over a neuron to see its stats. For inputs and outputs, you'll see what they're for as well (for example, Vision: Blue or Adrenaline)

This also led to the discovery and fixing of a pretty nasty bug. Neuron activation thresholds and decay rates for Input Neurons were not being saved properly. Any time you saved a Critter (individually, as part of a save file, etc.) all its sensory neurons would have these values set to 0. Explains why I'd have some really good behaviors evolve, save the critter or level, and suddenly find on loading them that I couldn't reproduce the behavior.

Thankfully, this is now fixed. Any newly saved critters should have their senses preserved accurately.

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