1.13 Update - NeuroSurgery and more!

Lots of big changes this time!

    • With a critter selected, click on any Neuron in the NetGraph and a menu will appear allowing you to tweak the features of that Neuron, including adding, removing, and changing the Synapses coming out of it.
    • "Lobotomize" button in the upper left of this pane will destroy ALL synapses in the brain. Use with caution!
    • INVERTED Synapses are activated by the attached neuron being neutral and are deactivated when the neuron has a signal (positive or negative.) They appear as RED on the Netgraph.
    • ABSOLUTE Synapses treat positive or negative signals as the same (essentially, as positive.) They appear as BLUE on the Netgraph.
    • The traditional Synapse that multiplies an incoming signal by its Strength value, positive or negative, is now called STANDARD. It appears as WHITE on the Netgraph.
    • For all Synapse types, their unique color applies at the start of the line. The end of the line will be colored according to the signal traveling down the Synapse (Yellow for positive, Purple for negative, and White for none, as before.
    • The recently added realtime visibility to exact Neuron values revealed a bug in the way signals propagated that allowed Neurons to have signals exceeding 1. Unfortunately this bug became a feature for a lot of species who used it to evolve brains that "overloaded" their movement output neurons -- so they could move 3x as fast!
    • To fix this, propagation was adjusted to ensure Neurons are locked at between -1 and 1.
    • Adjustments were made to maximum decay rates, locking decay rates on output neurons, and minimum activation thresholds.
    • To allow future critters to continue to scale their movement effort, adjustments were made to the energy cost scaling and movement speed scaling from the movement output neuron signals.
    • With a build tool selected, click and drag to show a circular highlighted area.
      • Obstacles will scale to match the size of your selection.
      • Critters, Weeds, Fruit, and Feeders will spawn in a random group across the size of your selected area.
      • The Delete tool will delete everything in the selected area.
    • Scales from 2x to 10x.
    • A new set of hoverable UI elements along the top edge of the screen allow you to bring up the overview heatmaps and graphs without opening the Stats/"Exceptional Critters" Pane. This pane will probably be reworked/removed in the future, but I'm leaving it in for now.
    • The graph window has also been moved to the side, and the Options pane reduced in size to make room.
    • Critters will no longer display highlights of their potential mates by default when selected -- instead, a similar hoverable element allows this view to be shown.
      • Lineage-based compatibility checking is very compute-intensive. Making this optional instead of always-on will improve performance.
    • As more and more changes are made, it can be difficult to ensure that previously evolved critters can survive in a world defined by new rules. On the infrastructure side, I've implemented version number tracking for saved critters. Whenever a critter is loaded from saved data, its version number is checked against the running version, and if it is out of date, the critter can have "migrations" run on it to try and make sure it's compatible.
    • This is an imperfect system and unfortunately this update's changes to how neural network signals propagate will render a lot of critters ineffective simply because their brain structures evolved to take advantage of a "cheat" that's now unusable. But this will help a little, and will help reduce pain in the future.

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I can take critters from old versions not being 100% guaranteed compatible with new ones, because the updates have been so interesting.