1.162 Update + Predation, Redux

Got a little update, and a fresh new level to showcase!

Thanks to youtube commenter Radnugget for chatting with me and getting me interested in experimenting again with settings that promote predator/prey relationships. As a result of our back-and-forth, I made a couple of tweaks and ran some experiments. The results are here:

In Sharks.save (which you can download yourself!) I mixed two species together, one herbivorous, one carnivorous, after carefully balancing their reproductive rates. With the right simulation settings, this balance can remain stable for a good long time! If you've got an itch for seeing
some real Critter-on-Critter aggression, check this scenario out!

Tweaks and changes in the latest update:

  • Added "reset" buttons to Autosave and Micromerge directory panels
  • Optimized vision system
  • Higher max population (gotta immediately make those optimizations useful!)
  • Tweaked spreading on taxonomy tree -- should help prevent bubbles going off the side (but may also result in more overlaps... this is a work in progress)
  • Adjustment to diet stat - "pure" carnivores and herbivores get negative energy from eating the "wrong" food.
  • Screensaver mode will no longer focus on boring eggs. It will also linger for a few seconds if the focused Critter dies.


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